• Welcome to Gyanshala

    Welcome to Gyanshala

    The school enrolment in India  is inching towards the target of universal coverage, but around half the children drop out of schools before completing grade five. Various studies have revealed […]

  • Mission


    Develop and implement institutional solutions to provide low cost but assured high quality basic education to children from poor urban and rural families, which do not deteriorate on large scale replication. […]

  • High School

    High School Program Gyan Shala noticed that most parents in the slums are extremely reluctant to send teen-aged and adolescent girls to distant schools at high school stage. Further, household […]

  • Government School

    Partnership to improve quality in Government Schools Taking note of GyanShala’s success in ensuring high lerning levels in its own managed classes, the government invited GS to start a pilot […]

  • Computers aided learning (CAL) Program

    In 2002, Media Lab-Asia (ML-A) was launched in India as a partnership between the Government of India and MIT, USA. ML-A was set up to promote joint research programs in […]

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