1) What does Gyan Shala mean?
2) What does the Logo Of Gyan Shala signify ?
3) How is Gyan Shala's emphasis on quality education compatible with its policy of teacher with only grade X-XII education ?
4) How can Gyan Shala hope to generate good quality while keeping the cost low ?
5) Would not the low salary eventually lead to poor performance?
6) What mechanisms does Gyan Shala have to obtain good performance from various functionaries?
7) How does Gyan Shala ensure that it works only for poor ?
8) Why Gyan Shala focuses only up to secondary education ?
9) What is Gyan Shala’s stance on preschool education ?
10) What would most Gyan Shala children do at the end of its three-year module ?
11) How would Gyan Shala concept sustain itself financially ?