“An innovative schooling model providing cost effective higher learning outcomes at scale”

Child-Centered Approach

Focus more on children’s capability to learn than only on teachers’ capacity to teach

Integrated Solution

Combine teaching, learning and curriculum design into complementary and integrated package

Outcome Driven

Measure students’ learning through independent assessments by reputed external agencies


We’ve adopted a 5A approach to counter the academic challenges keeping in mind the socio-economic barriers as follows:


Behavioral Change towards education (especially girl child) through continuous community engagement to create awareness and generate motivation towards child’s education.

Availability & Accessibility

Equitable residential education wherein class sessions are held in rooms hired within the community where children live (walking distance) and the  class timings are kept according to suitability of community children and consist of 3.5-4 hours daily academics.


No Indirect costs of education which acts as a significant barrier to poor families i.e. No cost of books, transport, stationeries or time invested to commute.


Daily learning evaluations (worksheets) along with bi-yearly internal and yearly external assessment by reputed external agency aided by feedback from continuous monitoring and evaluation (MEL-dedicated staff) which guides the management to be effective on course correction.


To become one of India’s most effective NGO program to address the schooling quality gaps and help India improve its ranking in social development indicators.


  • To evolve a total system solution model for quality school education on a nationwide scale, without discrimination based on any factor.
  • To initiate a systemic transformation in school education by measuring the improvements in learning levels feasible by improving pedagogy practices with high accountability.
  • To implement the program at a substantial scale, generating credible evidence of impact in order to inform the overall policy-program formulation by the government.


  • Empathy & Humility
  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Quality & Accountability
  • Teamwork & Excellence


To enable every child from poor urban and rural family attain learning levels of school education similar to that of children in elite schools.


To develop a model for high quality schooling on a large scale for learners from modest social backgrounds, using available quality of teacher and financial resources.

To implement the model for groups of 10000-15000 children in 3-5 states, thus setting up state level demonstration and improvement centers in the area of school education to evolve effective state level curriculum and teaching solutions.

Work with State Government school system to introduce new model curriculum design and material to help improve learning outcomes.